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A-State Innovate

Overview: The A-State Innovation Systems, a department under the Delta Center, requested various materials to promote the department and events held at the A-State Innovate buildings. They requested flyers and digital graphics for classes held at their buildings throughout the semesters. The flyers were to be visually engaging and have text with necessary information such as class objectives, information about the class, date and time, and location. It is also required to follow A-State University visual guidelines for use of the A-State logo. They also requested buttons to be made from their logo.

Challenges: Creating unique flyers to promote each class as well as following the university's visual guildelines for approval. For the buttons, the challenge was finding ways to "cut" the existing logo to fit into buttons of various sizes.

Solution: Each class has it's own visual identity to make it unique. A woodworking class has a more rustic feel to it, laser engraving more modern, and holiday ornament crafting is more classic. For the buttons, I used a combination of the entire logo for the 2.25" buttons, the individual names for the 1.25" buttons, and the lamp icons for the 1" buttons.

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