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The Inventors and Entrepreneurs Club Flyer

Overview: The Inventors and Entrepreneurs Club founder requested a flyer to advertise a club meeting that was held on September 21. The flyer was to advertise the meeting itself as well as the A-State Innovate Systems amenities, contact information, an image of The Garage, and an emphasis on a BBQ meal. The founder also requested the flyer be made in tabloid and letter size.

Challenges: Creating a layout that can fit all the necessary information onto one page. It was especially challenging on the letter size flyer as it had significantly less space than the tabloid flyer. I also had to take a photo of The Garage myself as the ones available online were not high quality.

Solution: Using InDesign for the type layout. It was incredibly easy with the help of guidelines and grids to arrange the type. Leading was also modified in order to keep all of the necessary information in both flyers.

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