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Overview: The department of Art + Design requested various posters for events hosted by them throughout the year such as film screenings, activities with other departments, and any other events held on Arkansas State University's campus.

Challenges: Each poster had it's own challenges. Certain elements of each event had to be used for their poster as well as including information about the Department of Art + Design and following the university's visual guidelines.

Solution: The Miss Hokusai/Sarusuberi posters had to use some elements of the artwork used in the film. VR Mona Lisa  had to include both the famous portrait and modern visual effects as the "VR" element. Exquisite Corpse is based off an actual collaborative art game so the "wacky combination" aspect would have been appropriate to use on the poster.

miss hokusai posters.jpg

Posters for A-State Dept. Art + Design

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